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Thank you for considering LaunchCode. Unfortunately, applications for this training are closed. Go here for other opportunities.


Are you a recent college grad looking to land your first job in technology? Are you a tech-savvy professional looking to break into a new field? If so, LaunchCode can help. We are a national nonprofit that has launched over 2,000 careers and have provided free, skills-based training to over 6,400 driven individuals.
We have an immediate training and job opportunity for entry-level mainframe systems engineers. Don't know mainframe yet? No problem! We will provide 11 weeks of paid, virtual training at $18 per hour which leads directly into a paid apprenticeship in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after which you can convert into a permanent employee. The paid, virtual training and apprenticeship will span a total of 6 months. 

We are looking for candidates in Milwaukee, WI or those willing to relocate around the United States with high flexibility.

For many companies, their technical architecture is dependent on mainframe systems. However, most colleges no longer teach mainframe development, and many developers are retiring. Gaining mainframe experience can get you on the road to a high-paying, secure career.

How Does the Process Work?

At LaunchCode, we know the job search is complicated. Here is what you can expect from us:
  1. Sign up and apply on our website here.
  2. Complete the LaunchCode HackerRank assessment.
  3. LaunchCode will review your application and invite selected candidates to interview.
  4. During the interview, a LaunchCode representative will provide more detail on the opportunity, asking behavioral and Unix-based questions to assess your technical skills.
  5. If you perform well, then you will receive resume and interview preparation before interviewing with our Fortune 500 partner company to become a mainframe apprentice.
  6. If selected by the company, you will begin the training and apprenticeship spanning 6-months making $18/hour at the Fortune 500 company, starting ~June 29.
  7. Finally, successful apprentices will launch mainframe careers at the company. More than 80% of past LaunchCode apprentices have converted to full-time after their apprenticeship.


Here is the training and apprenticeship schedule:
  1. Virtual training is expected to start on June 29.
  2. Apprenticeship in Milwaukee, WI following the 11- week virtual training. 
  3. Convert to a full-time employee!


At LaunchCode, we believe the most important attributes of successful developers are the passion, drive, and aptitude to succeed. We are also looking for applicants that have knowledge with at least one high-level programming language.  If you love the command line, that is an added bonus!

To summarize, the ideal candidate:

  • Eagerness to learn problem-solving techniques in Unix-based operating systems
  • A desire to work from the command line and understand the needs of users and team members
  • Experience with at least one high-level programming language, such as Java, Python, C#, OR JavaScript.
  • Curiosity about the software development life cycle
  • Ability to travel and participate in both virtual training and in-person apprenticeship in Milwaukee, WI
  • Be able to work full-time in the United States and a desire for your apprenticeship to become a full-time job


How does training work? What is the timeline?

The 11- week training is virtual from your own home. The material is designed to give you an overview of mainframe systems. After a short break, you will go to Milwaukee, WI to begin the apprenticeship where you will receive 1-on-1 mentorship.

During training, you will learn how to work in a mainframe environment, the PL/1 programming language, and how to connect your application to a DB2 database. Through hands-on exercises, you will complete two projects to prepare you for a career as a mainframe developer. 

How is working on the mainframe similar to software development?

The concepts are very similar, but the programming languages you use (PL/1 has a different syntax. If you already know Java, that's great. It will be easier for you to learn PL/1. SQL skills also translate well, as you will interact with similar databases.

What makes mainframes so important?

Mainframes have run for more than 50 years at many large companies. In some instances, they have millions of lines of code within them. They are central to many companies' technological infrastructures, so they are crucial for many businesses. 

How many hours per week is training?

Training is full-time, 40 hours/week, M-F.

Will the company pay for transportation and lodging during the apprenticeship?

No, the company will not pay for transportation and lodging.

Will I get paid during training?

Yes! You will get paid $18/hour during training and the apprenticeship. After the apprenticeship, the hiring company has the option to convert you to full-time more permanently.

How likely am I to convert to full-time?

Very likely. More than 80% of LaunchCode apprentices have converted to full-time employment after their apprenticeship. If you show up every day and work hard, your chances are very good.

Where will the final jobs be?

 The final jobs will be located in Milwaukee, WI. 

How much money would I make after converting to full-time employment?

Candidates who are hired full-time after the apprenticeship can expect an annual salary of around $60,000.

Is the program available to individuals requiring H1-1B visas?

Unfortunately, no. The program is only available to individuals who can legally work in the US without sponsorship. This generally means you need to be a US Citizen or a lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder) to apply.

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