Creating Life-Changing Opportunities

Jane and Jeff Coe took LaunchCode's Kansas City CS50x course together in the Spring of 2016 after seeing an online posting. After completing the course and attending a LaunchCode HappyHire networking and interview event, Jane landed an ongoing apprenticeship at KC-based SET-Works. CS50x helped Jeff expand his skills for his day job as a professional front-end developer. He has also gone on to pay it forward as a teaching fellow in LaunchCode's latest course, LC101.

Before LaunchCode, Kim did everything to make ends meet. She worked in the insurance industry and flipped houses on the side. Showing her kids that there were no limitations in life drove her to work toward a more fulfilling career. After participating in Women+ [previously CoderGirl], taking Hello, World! and CS50x with LaunchCode, Kim was placed as an apprentice at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Her willingness to learn and ability to meet the demands of her team landed her a permanent full-time job.