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2022: Making Space for Deeper Impact

This year has been one of significant change with the reopening of our newly remodeled headquarters building at 4811 Delmar, the departure of our longest serving executive director, Jeff Mazur, and the transition back from purely virtual pandemic working and classroom environments. A highly eventful year! In the midst of all of that, our team stayed focused on our mission to build a skilled workforce by creating pathways for driven people seeking careers in technology.

LaunchCode is a trusted source of talent to address the tech talent gaps and hiring needs for a wide variety of companies; large and small, start-up and long-established, local and national, across a wide sector of industries. Our hiring partners value the alternate source of talent we provide that have the aptitude, attitude, and skills needed to meet their business needs. A St. Louis University (SLU) Urban Planning and Development program study identified a positive annual economic impact of $168M triggered by the work of LaunchCode.

While we know intrinsically that the work we are doing matters, seeing the dollarized annual positive impact is tremendously exciting and motivating to continue to grow this impact year over year. The work we do is tremendously important to the metropolitan areas we serve, the companies located there, and the people whose lives are changed through their engagement with LaunchCode.

On September 1, 2022, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the reopening of our headquarters building. Attended by local government officials, dignitaries, and supporters, LaunchCode’s commitment to secure a lasting impact on the economic prosperity of St Louis, Kansas City, and Philadelphia, by launching people into tech talent careers and solving the tech talent gap for our hiring partners, was highlighted and celebrated. Attendees toured the building to see how the renovations provide the space needed to continue to grow our mission and our impact.

Even in the short time we’ve worked together in the renovated, expanded offices, the positive impact of in-person interactions, learning, and fostering new relationships has been felt deeply. We are grateful to the community for supporting LaunchCoders’ journeys to successful careers in technology and our work to change the status quo for training and hiring tech talent for the next ten years and beyond.


Learners Educated


Tech Careers Launched

2022 Learners: women or non-binary 52%, previously unemployed 33%, BIPOC 56%, LGBTQIA 25%, disabled 6%, less than 4 years of college 44%
2022 Apprentices and direct hires: previously low-income 61%, women or non-binary 57%, previously unemployed 29%, BIPOC 47%, LGBTQIA 21%, disabled 6%

Special Thanks to These Top 2022 LaunchCode Supporters

Building More Bright Futures Together

After several COVID delays and over 13 months of construction, we were excited to finally open the doors to our newly renovated LaunchCode Headquarters building in St. Louis on September 1, 2022.

Delivering free, accessible tech education to more students was top of mind when dreaming up the redesign – the renovation added an additional 4,000 square feet with sufficient space to host cohorts of 180-220 learners at a time, increasing class cohort sizes by 33%, from 600 to 800 students per year at the facility. Plus, the added mezzanine allows us to accommodate our growing program delivery team and staff.

Remodeling LaunchCode’s Headquarters was so much more than logistics, however. Purchasing the building means making a permanent home on Delmar Blvd., bridging - physically and symbolically - the geographic and access disparities that limit us. To us, the building is a symbol of beautifying and modernizing a space that is open and available to those who want a tech future as well as the Fountain Park community that surrounds it.


More classrooms
& meeting spaces


More Square


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Our Top Hiring Partners of 2022

Alumni Stories

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We're Honored

This year, we’re thrilled to be included as a great place to work for women on the annual Women in the Workplace Employment Scorecard from the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis for the third year running, and to be recognized by TalentCulture for thought leadership on the topic of re-thinking tech hiring.

Impact Award Women in the Workplace

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Operational Statement of Activity

Revenue & Contributions
Revenue From Direct Contributions $608,700
Donated Goods & Services Revenue $2,398,200
Revenue From Non-Governmental Grants $1,466,400
Revenue From Government Grants $606,500
Earned Revenue $15,125,200
Revenue From Investments & Other Sources $47,500
Total Income    $20,252,500
Apprenticeship, Wages, Taxes & Benefits $9,271,000
Programmatic Expenses $7,637,500
Fundraising Expenses $566,500
Management & General $1,914,700
Total Expenses    $19,301,500
Net Profit    $931,800

TechForce Initiative 2020-2022
4811 Delmar Capital Campaign

Non-Government Philanthropic Support $3,740,500
Government Support $500,000
New Market Tax Credit $800,000
Total Campaign    $5,040,500
Expenses $290,500
Capital expenditures $4,750,000
Total Cost    $5,040,500
Operating Cash Reserves at Year End
2018 5 Months
2019 8 Months
2020 11 Months
2021 15 Months
2022 17 Months

Thank You

We couldn’t have achieved any of these amazing things without you, our community. Each and every one of you who teaches, volunteers, encourages, and hires with LaunchCode is a part of changing lives through these programs, and we can’t thank you enough.

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