Impact Report

New Initiatives Make Waves

Two Record Breaking Quarters!
To date in 2018, we have launched more than one person per day into a tech career, with the highest numbers of job placements made in LaunchCode history two quarters in a row!
Quarter 1: 94 apprenticeships; Quarter 2: 113 apprenticeships
2018 Stats - First Half - 60% of our current LC101 students are people of color
2018 Stats - First Half - 44% of our apprentices were unemployed before LaunchCode; 57% of students entering LaunchCode earning less than $30,000 annually
Photo from Pride Parade in St. Louis, MO
Code with Pride - Creating a community working to increase involvment of LGBTQ+ people in tech jobs and the tech community through monthly meetups, networking, and events. In partnership with 1904 labs
Discovery Learning Program - LaunchCode's Discovery program is designed to introduce everyone to computer programming, and help them develop the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a career in the tech industry. We developed this special online self-paced curriculum to reach people earlier in their learning journey, educating individuals who may have missed out on tech education in high school or higher education, giving them the digital literacy skills to take control of their learning.
550+ individuals educated so far in St. Louis alone
Photo of Bonnie working through Discovery curriculum at the St. Louis Public Library
Bonnie became interested in programming while visiting an art gallery with her daughter and learning about how some of the art required computer programming to move. Afterward, she participated in the Discovery Program at her local St. Louis Public Library with her brother. 'Before I found Discovery, I always heard about coding but never knew exactly what it was. Now that I'm almost finished with the curriculum. I'm realizing the knowledge will be useful in so many ways.' - Bonnie. Bonnie completed Discovery and is currently enrolled in CoderGirl on her way to a new career in technology!
Factoring Into Cities' Revitalization
Importantly, LaunchCode provides its training in culturally relevant contexts that help groups that have not traditionally worked in tech to succeed in gaining skills and jobs. - Brookings
A recent Brookings institute study of 70 older industrial cities included St. Louis among the cities with stronger economies and pointed to LaunchCode as a major factor in the ranking.
Graphic of St. Louis Skyline