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The Journey

Everyone's journey looks a little different, but these are the basic steps along the way from here to career.









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Learn Tech Skills

Our courses offer a range of technology, team, and job skills to take you from newbie to ready for your first job in a tech career — FOR FREE.

The courses that make up our core programming can take you from no previous coding experience to rocking the skills needed to land your first tech job in tech. You’ll focus on specific languages and concepts in high-demand and build your first portfolio project. We offer programs in part-time and full-time formats to fit around your life.

Interview readiness and on-the-job skills are just as important as technical capabilities. Companies hiring tech talent need to know that you will be able to jump right in, mesh well with their team and work within their established processes. Our learning programs incorporate a series of workshops, group projects and individualized coaching to teach you crucial skills needed to land the job and succeed in your tech career.


individuals have received free tech education from LaunchCode

2x Salary

LaunchCode hires make double their previous salary on average

Land a Job

We use wage-paying apprenticeships as a way to open the door for skilled entry-level talent without requiring the traditional background — FOR FREE.

Whether you’re self-taught, formally trained, switching careers, or a recent grad, we’re ready to help you launch your tech career through a full-time paid apprenticeship at one of our hiring partner organizations. During your apprenticeship, you’ll learn on-the-job skills while receiving benefits, like health insurance and PTO. Apprentices gain soft skills by working with experienced team members and being paired with mentors. More than four out of five apprentices get hired as full-fledged employees at the end of their apprenticeship.

Apprentice pay starts at $20/hr + benefits

While learning on the job, apprentices get health insurance and earn PTO

More than 4 in 5 Apprentices get hired

At the end of their apprentice program

Just a Few Top Employers Hiring LaunchCoders

Real LaunchCoder Stories

“We had too much debt and too much obligation to afford anything more than free.”

— Katie Straubinger
Web Developer

“I’ve done about five or six different career paths and never found my niche, then I ran into LaunchCode.”

— Shawn Jones
Web Developer

“To watch people use and touch the things I’ve created … it’s really something special.”

— Al Lopez
UX Designer

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