Start your Mainframe career with LaunchCode

**Due to an overwhelming response of applications, we have decided to close applications early. They will close automatically on 6/19/2022. If you are interested in future opportunities, please sign up for our newsletter by using the button at the bottom of this page**

Are you a tech-savvy professional looking to break into a new field? A bootcamp graduate looking for a pathway to a career? Or a recent college grad looking to land your first job in technology? If so, LaunchCode can help. We are a national nonprofit that has launched almost 3,000 careers and provided free, skills-based training to more than 8,000 driven individuals.

We have an immediate paid training and job opportunity for remote entry-level mainframe systems engineers with a Fortune 100 company.

Don't know mainframe yet? No problem! Selected candidates will enter a 12-month paid apprenticeship, initially making $20/hour full-time, including an immersive, comprehensive training curriculum and plenty of on-the-job mentorship. Successful candidates will convert to permanent employment (with a salary bump) with the company following the apprenticeship.

For many companies, their technical architecture is dependent on mainframe systems. However, most colleges no longer teach mainframe development, and many developers are retiring. Gaining mainframe experience can get you on the road to a high-paying, secure career.

Check out this INFO SESSION featuring representatives from LaunchCode and previous graduates of this program.

How Does the Process Work?

At LaunchCode, we know the job search is complicated. Here is what you can expect from us:
  1. Sign up and apply on this page.
  2. LaunchCode will review your application and invite selected candidates to interview, with instructions on how to prepare.
  3. During the interview, a LaunchCode representative will provide more detail on the opportunity, asking behavioral and command line-based questions to assess your soft and technical skills.
  4. Selected candidates will receive resume and interview preparation before interviewing with our Fortune 100 partner company to become a mainframe apprentice.
  5. If selected by the company, you will begin the training and apprenticeship spanning 12 months, making $20/hour at the Fortune 100 company, starting in July. There will be a pay increase at the 6-month mark to $25/hour.
  6. Finally, successful apprentices will launch mainframe careers at the company.

**Due to an overwhelming response of applications, we have decided to close applications early. They will close automatically on 6/19/2022. If you are interested in future opportunities, please sign up for our newsletter by using the button at the bottom of this page**


At LaunchCode, we believe the most important attributes of successful developers are the passion, drive, and aptitude to succeed. If you love the command line, that is an added bonus!

To summarize, the ideal candidate has:

  • Eagerness to learn problem-solving techniques in unfamiliar programming languages and operating systems (z/OS, JCL, CICS, and more!)
  • A desire to work from the command line and understand the needs of users and team members
  • Willingness to learn the software development process and collaborate across teams
  • Ability to commit to a 12-month apprenticeship
  • Ability to work full-time remote in the United States and a desire for your apprenticeship to become a permanent job
  • US Citizenship or will not require VISA sponsorship now or in the future
  • COVID-19 Vaccination record (proof of vaccination required)


How is working on the mainframe similar to software development?

The concepts are very similar, but the programming languages you use (JCL, REXX, and Assembler) have different syntax. If you already know Java, that's great because it is often used in the mainframe. SQL skills also translate well, as you will interact with similar databases.

What makes mainframes so important?

Mainframes have run for more than 50 years at many large companies. In some instances, they have millions of lines of code within them. Moreover, they are central to many companies' technological infrastructures, so they are crucial for many businesses. 

How many hours per week is the apprenticeship?

The 12-month paid apprenticeship is full-time, 40 hours/week, M-F.

Will I get paid during the apprenticeship?

Yes! You will get paid $20/hour for the duration of the apprenticeship. 6 months into the apprenticeship there will be a pay increase to $25/hour. After the apprenticeship is completed, the hiring company has the option to convert you to full-time more permanently and receive a compensation boost.

How likely am I to convert to full-time?

Very likely. Historically, More than 80% of candidates have converted to full-time employment. So if you show up every day and work hard, your chances are excellent.

How much money would I make after conversion?

Historically, our average starting salary is around $75,000/yr for this program. Therefore, candidates who complete the training and paid apprenticeship with our partner company should expect a salary in this range.

Is the program available to individuals on OPT or requiring H1-B visas?

Unfortunately, no. You must either be a US Citizen or you must not require VISA sponsorship in order to apply.

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