Our free flagship web development course teaches you the full-stack skills in high demand among employers. No experience required.

What is LC101?

Want to launch a career in tech? To start on this path, you need the right training. With so many options available to learn skills it can be hard to know where to start.

LaunchCode has developed a curriculum providing you with world-class resources to put you on the path to obtaining a job in tech. We've developed this course to teach you the skills that are in high demand within the tech community. To help you succeed in this rigorous course, LC101 provides a supportive classroom environment with in-person mentoring from instructors, teaching fellows, and local developers.

You'll have only one mission: to boldly code like no one has coded before!

What do I need to take the class?

Students will need access to a laptop to participate in the course. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide students with laptops at this time. Chromebooks and tablets will not be sufficient for use in this course. If you own a PC, you must have Windows 7 OS or more recent, though Windows 8 is strongly preferable. Please apply all system upgrades before coming to class.

Students are expected to spend at least 20 hours each week on coursework, including time spent in class. The class meets twice a week for 3-hour sessions. Outside of class, you are expected to spend 10-15 hours doing readings, watching videos, working on practice problems, and completing assignments.


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Applications to LC101 are now closed. To keep up to date with LaunchCode news and events, including when future classes are enrolling, subscribe to our email newsletter.

Applications to LC101 are now closed. To keep up to date with LaunchCode news and events, including when future classes are enrolling, subscribe to our email newsletter.

Course start date: September 22, 2022
Course end date: March 27, 2023
Apply by end of: August 28, 2022
Hear back by: September 2, 2022

LaunchCode's LC101 program is an introduction to computer programming course with a curriculum focused on building full-stack web developers, covering highly demanded languages and frameworks like JavaScript, Angular, Java, and Spring Boot. LC101 is an intensive, 20-week program designed to train students with skills they need to seek an apprenticeship and ultimately a career in technology.

LaunchCode courses are currently running virtually (using Zoom), pending national, state, and local health guidelines and recommendations that indicate it is safe again to hold in-person educational programming. To allow for student success in this format, the timeline of the course is expanded from 20 weeks of classes to 25 weeks of classes.

  • City:
    Saint Louis
  • Location:
  • Time:
    Monday & Thursday 5:30 - 8:30

More Information

LC101 WebDev JavaScript

This 20-week course trains full-stack web developers over the course of 2 units:

  • Unit 1: JavaScript - foundational programming concepts and front-end programming in JavaScript, including testing and Angular (a popular JavaScript framework)
  • Unit 2: Skill Track - job-ready skills to build full-stack web applications using Java (with Spring Boot) or C# (with .NET MVC)

For more information about the curriculum, check out the Course Syllabus.

Application Process

Step 1: Apply

To begin, you must complete an application. Here you will be asked a few questions about basic demographic information (e.g. name, address, DOB, etc.), as well as a few additional questions about your previous experience, and reasons for taking the class.

Step 2: Problem Solving Assessment

After completing your application for the class, you will be emailed a brief problem solving assessment to the email address you used to apply. You will have 60 minutes to complete the assessment. Once you open it, the clock is running. You must complete it in one sitting, so make sure to do it on a computer--not a phone--with a good internet connection.

Note: You must complete this assessment before your application will be considered.

Step 3: Decision Notification

Applicants will be notified of their application status by the Decision Date specified for each course (see courses in "Registration" header above) You will be notified of your application status by that date, though you may receive notification sooner. Please do not inquire about your application unless you have not heard by that date.

Applicants will receive one of these decisions:

  1. Rejected - Unfortunately, your application did not meet our criteria for admission to the class at this time. You are welcome to apply to any and all future classes.
  2. Invited to Pre-Work - You will be accepted to the class as long as you complete a pre-work assignment before the Pre-work Deadline. You must complete this work in order to be officially enrolled (see Steps 4 and 5).

Step 4: Invited To Pre-work

Applicants who are selected for the class are given pre-work that they must complete in order to officially claim their spot and enroll in the course. This pre-work provides an exposure to coding, ensuring that every student has an initial foundation before the start of the class. If you have never coded before, we anticipate this may take between 10 - 15 hours (don’t procrastinate!), but may take less if you have some previous experience. You must submit your pre-work by the Pre-Work Deadline specified for each course. We will not accept pre-work submitted after the deadline, so please ensure that you leave plenty of time to get this done.

Step 5: Official Enrollment

After completing the pre-work correctly, applicants will receive an email confirming their enrollment in the course. Applicants may also check their status by logging into their LaunchCode account.

This class requires no prior programming experience, but you will need to be comfortable with computer use (using the internet, downloading software, etc). LC101 is intended to teach skills needed to be employable as a programmer, and is for individuals who are interested in a career in tech.


We have also found that students who succeed in the class have a solid foundation in basic math and problem solving. That is why we have developed a short Problem Solving Assessment as a part of the application process. To learn more about our Problem Solving Assessment, visit the blog!

Over the 20 weeks of class, most students will need to commit at least 20 hours per week for class and homework.

Students will need access to a laptop to participate in the course. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide students with laptops at this time. Chromebooks and tablets will not be sufficient for use in this course. If you own a PC, you must have Windows 8 OS or more recent, though Windows 10 is strongly preferable. If you own a Mac, the most recent Mac OS is strongly preferred. Laptops used for virtual courses also need to meet Zoom’s system requirements. You may check Zoom’s system requirements here. Pay particular attention to the System Requirements and Supported Operating Systems sections. If enrolled, please apply all system upgrades before coming to class.

There are no other requirements to participate.

When assessing applicants for our learning programs, a number of factors are considered, including passion, drive, application questions, essay questions, aptitude for problem solving, interest in landing a job in tech, applicant need, and spaces available in the class.

When enrolling students, we also strive to assemble a class that reflects the broader community and represents a diverse array of backgrounds.

Yes, though it is less likely. The Problem Solving Assessment is important because it shows us how applicants approach puzzles that require logical thinking, which directly relates to a student’s ability to master the material presented in the class.

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow applicants to retake the Assessment unless they can demonstrate that they experienced technical difficulties that prohibited them from completing it.

You can always view your current status by logging into your LaunchCode account, and viewing “Classes”. There, you will be able to access the Assessment as long as you have correctly submitted the application.

Each class has a decision date, by which you will receive notification of your application status. Please do not inquire about your application status unless you have not heard back after that date.

No. Unfortunately, we finalize all of our course enrollment before the pre-work due date, so you are not able to submit your pre-work late. We give students 2 weeks to complete the pre-work to allow ample time to work around any other time commitments. We highly encourage you to submit the pre-work a few days before the due date to ensure that no technical difficulties or personal events get in the way.

Yes, it is okay to miss a class as long as you keep up with the lessons and homework detailed in the schedule. Remember, you will need to make up any class time you miss on your own time, and you won’t have the benefit of having your classmates and Teaching Fellows to answer your questions in person. Once you fall behind in class, the fast pace of the curriculum means it quickly becomes very difficult to catch up again.

The class is broken up into units. There are no grades in the class, but students must complete all of the required assignments from the current unit in order to continue to the next. Those deadlines will be made clear at the beginning of the class.

We will be announcing our next class soon. If you’d like to make sure you receive an email as soon as applications open, please fill out the interest form found under the registration for your city.

After LC101, if you are ready to take the next step toward landing a job in technology, we offer a free program called LiftOff that will help you build the job-readiness skills you need to enter our Apprenticeship Program We highly encourage our students to take part in our LiftOff program.

LaunchCode’s Apprenticeship Program is only offered in select cities. Students interested in the Apprenticeship Program will need to do a separate application and go through our candidate evaluation process. In order to prepare a successful application for the apprenticeship program, students will need to put in roughly 150 additional hours of independent work on a coding project, which may take up to 8 weeks after the conclusion of the class. If our team determines you’re job-ready, our Company Relations Team will then work to match you with a company in need of talent in a paid apprenticeship or job opportunity. While LaunchCode does place hundreds of individuals into apprenticeships and jobs each year, placement is not guaranteed. We encourage our students to take initiative to pursue a career in technology on their own, as well.

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