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Uncovering New Talent

LaunchCode's JusTech program connects talented, driven, returned individuals to opportunity — and employers to a previously overlooked talent pool that can bring skills and new perspectives to their teams. 86% of HR Managers are ready to consider justice-involved candidates, and executives who have hired them say 82% are just as or even more successful as their average hire. Research shows that justice-involved individuals are often the most conscientious and productive workers, with significantly higher than average retention rates.

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Technology Vocational Training: How It Works

1. Pre-Release Learning

Students complete LaunchCode's rigorous web development education program while incarcerated. They develop tech skills, a portfolio of work, industry knowledge, and real-world soft skills to prepare to contribute on day one.

2. Ready to Work

Upon transitioning back to the community, students who have completed JusTech training are eligible for LaunchCode's successful APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM where employers and apprentices are supported in a low-risk trial period.

Providing Opportunities to Succeed

Shawn Cooley

Shawn Cooley
LaunchCode Teaching
Fellow & Lead Developer
at A2J Tech

A2J Tech

Shawn Cooley went through LaunchCode's CodeCamp program immediately following his release from incarceration, and is now a lead developer for A2J Tech and helping improve access to learning programs to open the doors for even more people.

"Most inmates want to be able to have a normal life and earn an honest living after prison. However, the deck is already stacked against them. When incarcerated individuals are released, they become our neighbors, and the long-term effects of low or no legitimate job prospects affect our communities.

LaunchCode's training programs give formerly incarcerated individuals an opportunity to start a new career in an upwardly-mobile field, where they can provide for their families and become productive members of society."

Deep and Lasting Benefits

Motivated, Hardworking, Loyal, and Skilled Employees
Federal Tax Incentives
Increased Economic Growth
Equitable Employment Opportunities
Reduced Turnover Rates
Safer Communities with Less Recidivism

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Additional Information & Resources

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