What role will I work in after completing the program?
Graduates of the program will assume Site Reliability Engineer roles at Microsoft. Responsibilities include influencing and creating new material for large-scale distribution and creating mission-critical solutions to prevent problems from recurring. There are great benefits, an ideal work environment, and plentiful opportunities for growth!
Will there be future dates for this program?
This is our second year running this program, and although we are hopeful that our partnership with Microsoft will continue, no future dates are scheduled at this time.
Where will graduates of the program work?
Graduates will fill open software engineering positions in Reston, VA; Redmond, WA; and Elkridge, MD. The class has a limited number of seats, and preference will be given to those who want to work in these cities.
Where will the course be taught?
The classes will occur online using video conferencing software. Therefore, students can take the course in any location they like with strong internet access.
What is the SkillBridge Program?
The SkillBridge program gives active duty service members an opportunity to gain valuable work and training experience during their last 180 days of service. You can read more HERE.
Do I need to have previous coding experience?
Is the training paid?
Unless you are eligible for SkillBridge or Career Skills Program, this training is not paid. We are not currently eligible for GI Bill or VET TEC benefits. However, it is completely free, and if you can forgo pay for the duration of the course, there is a great job waiting on the other side!
How much does the Microsoft job pay?
Microsoft offers competitive salaries for the tech industry, and a wide range of world-class benefits designed to help you and your family live life well. Benefits include savings and investments, educational resources, generous time away, giving programs, networking opportunities, parental leave, and more. Side note: Glassdoor can be a helpful resource if you’d like to learn more on salaries! Your clearance status may affect these numbers. You may discuss this in the interview portion of your application.
How did this go the first time?
In our first iteration of the class in 2020, we began the course with 31 students, and 28 of them completed the bootcamp and are now working at Microsoft! We were blown away by the success and talent of our students, and we are looking forward to making this new course even more engaging and helping students prepare for success at Microsoft.

Reach out to [email protected] with additional questions!