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2021: A Lesson in Resilience

For our nearly nine years of existence we have known that resilience is a universal trait among LaunchCode learners and candidates.

We see people apply for LaunchCode programs four and five times before breaking through on the sixth. Once enrolled in a program, learners come up against stiff challenges, assignments designed to test their sticktoitiveness and stretch them beyond what they believe their own ability will allow. LaunchCode graduates take their skills into a landscape that often is inclined to cast doubt on their likelihood of success.

Through all of that, LaunchCoders emerge with a willingness to dust themselves off and try again. With a won’t-be-denied mentality. LaunchCoders come to understand that it is their belief in themselves and not the preconceptions of others that determine their place in the world. Those are the markers of Resilience.

2021 delivered overwhelming evidence that, like its participants, LaunchCode itself is an amazingly resilient organization.

The year began still darkened by the pandemic, with hiring constrained as employers faced uncertainty about the economy and the future. But neither LaunchCode nor its many partners and supporters let the barriers of fear and circumstance deter us from our mission. Our generous supporters never wavered. The community of individuals who make up the LaunchCode family never abandoned us. A fearless team of staff and volunteers never stopped living into the idea that LaunchCode’s work and impact were more vital in this moment than in any other in our history.

And because those things were true, LaunchCode saw its largest ever year-over-increase in job placements in 2021, exceeding the prior year’s total by 98.

It is through individual resilience that LaunchCoders make their place. And by the resilience of our organization, LaunchCode finds new ways, better ways, more voluminous ways to build bold, accessible pathways for resilient people seeking careers in technology, even in the most challenging moments.

Thank you for being part of our strength last year and for riding with us into the even sunnier skies of 2022.

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Community Growth

Improving the future of technology by training more people to build it.

In 2021, despite ongoing challenges, LaunchCoders never stopped. While the world was grappling with the lingering effects of the pandemic and trying to find a sense of normalcy in still uncertain times, LaunchCoders forged ahead investing their time and energy into pursuing life-changing career goals. Traditional education paths suffered, with college undergrad enrollment dropping nearly 7% and community college enrollment dropping 13%, curious hard-working people continued to seek out new opportunities with LaunchCode.

We trained talent in new places, including in Charlotte with Centene and in Philadelphia, where a training partnership with Comcast helped boost workers to new heights as software engineers. Our first LC101 Web Development course in Philly broke application records for new markets (846 individuals applied!), showing that the demand for accessible technical education isn’t slowing down any time soon. In Kansas City, we expanded our program focused on increasing the number of workers of marginalized genders in tech for the first time beyond its St. Louis roots with great results.

Mid-year, The Brookings Institute published the first half of a study conducted by Washington University’s Social Policy Institute showing that our efforts to improve retention and completion rates among the most underrepresented groups in technology are working. Their conclusions reflected what we’ve always known to be true drivers of impact: removing artificial barriers such as money and time, spending extra effort to recruit from minority communities, and working with businesses to provide paid apprenticeships as well as reskilling.

Meanwhile, a whole new population of learners were expanding their opportunities with LaunchCode learning — from inside prison walls. The first class of students in our JusTech program graduated, overcoming challenges and obstacles to learn 21st century job skills that will allow them to pursue upwardly-mobile careers, support their families, and contribute to society after re-entry.

132 employers brought new LaunchCoders aboard in 2021, an increase of 12% over last year, as hiring professionals and managers continue to look for valuable traits that LaunchCoders have in spades. Their life skills, varied experiences, drive to learn, and passion for their newfound careers have proven successful with new employers such as this company, this other one, and last one listed.

This year, beyond the tech talent needed to prepare tech teams for the future, we were also excited to present the Shift Tech Transformation Summit. The only summit focused solely on the recruiting, hiring, and skilling landscape of the tech industry, brought together top professionals and thought leaders to share and discuss insights into today’s challenges and solutions. The experts agreed — accessible tech training and apprenticeships are key to turning the “Great Reshuffling” into a great opportunity for businesses.

Our Top Hiring Partners of 2021

How Whitney Found Her Technology Groove

Whitney, an art history & theater grad, had worked jobs as diverse as teaching English in a foreign country, social media branding, and restaurant management. But, after years in food and hospitality, she knew it wasn’t where she wanted to be forever. With a young child at home and her husband worked multiple jobs during the week, unpredictable schedules meant she was often working long hours on the weekends to stay afloat, though still in a precarious position. At the local cafe where she worked, many of Whitney’s regular customers were in the tech industry. Naturally curious, she started asking about their work. Everyone was happy to share and encouraged her to keep exploring, eventually leading to her starting an unofficial coding club at the cafe. After learning a little bit, Whitney knew she needed something else more challenging and focused to really take off. Then Covid hit.

When the restaurant industry subsequently collapsed, Whitney was suddenly without a job, her husband’s multiple positions weren’t secure, and the economics were becoming unsustainable. Now more than ever, the need to transition to a career that would keep her off the front lines of serving the public felt imperative.

When Whitney got into LaunchCode’s first all-virtual Women+ data course a few months later, Whitney found a diverse group of women working together in a collaborative, supportive environment. Learning from her peers and Teaching Fellows who used the course skills in their professional careers, the pieces started coming together.

“It was refreshing to be with a group of women who were all trying to change our lives for the better. We all came from such a wide range of backgrounds, but with the same goal, and everyone was really supportive.” —Whitney

As soon as Whitney finished class in the spring of 2021, a LaunchCode hiring partner snapped her up to begin an apprenticeship that same month. Before she knew it, she was working regular hours safely from her home office, doing engaging work that didn’t put her in danger of bringing Covid home, and allowed her the flexibility to be home with her family when needed.

Whitney was placed into an apprenticeship with NISA Investments, who has seen growth and opportunity in LaunchCoders like Whitney for some time. Dan Rothweiler, NISA Investments Associate CTO, has seen many LaunchCoders come in and apply their skills and experience from previous careers to bring something extra to their new teams that individuals fresh out of traditional colleges don’t have. One of NISA’s early hires from LaunchCode was now regularly teaching the data track, and had been Whitney’s group’s Teaching Fellow, completing the circle with her joining the team.


“For somebody coming out of school, we kind of have to lead them into a career path, but because LaunchCode candidates have already had career paths elsewhere, they are able to jump in and provide some value that that other people just couldn’t provide at that level. […] We use staff augmentation firms occasionally, but I’ll tell you that out of all of those, I would say LaunchCode has probably been [our] top source for personnel.” —Dan

Despite Dan’s early hesitation in hiring personnel that don’t have a traditional background with a four-year degree in a technical field, he’s come to appreciate the added value and perspective that career-switchers bring into their new careers. The many LaunchCoders now employed at NISA provide a crucial diversity of experience and opinion that can be hard to find through other means.

“I think what the apprenticeship offers is a base of expectations, where you know that your employer knows where you’re coming from. And they also usually have the experience of having hired previous LaunchCoders. So there’s this sense of reassurance that they know I don’t know everything, they know I’m coming from the restaurant industry, they know I’m new… And the apprenticeship was really everything I had hoped for” — Whitney

Once on the job, Whitney found her team and manager were all very supportive. Having brought aboard LaunchCoders before, they assigned tasks appropriate for her skill level and were constantly building upon it, helping build up her confidence and contributions to the team. Whitney’s creative problem-solving mind was a great fit for her new role, and she found herself loving her new team and the challenges the job brought.

“LaunchCode has had a huge effect on my life and my family’s life, because we now have financial security. [We] have reliable health care, we have a safety net that we didn’t have before. And it’s also allowed my husband to [work fewer] jobs. We have more time together as a family, and there’s just like this overall sense of relief. Knowing that no matter what might happen, we’re going to be okay. […] Having the tech skills and experience It’s really provided so much relief and security for my family.”

“Right now, there’s a lot of discussion about the great resignation, but the talent is out there and people want to work. They just need resources to help them build those skills and the opportunity to be placed with a company so that they can prove themselves. So, I think [LaunchCode] is a great solution.” — Whitney

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Thank You

2021 showed just how resilient the LaunchCode community really is, and we can’t thank you enough. Your support of our mission and programs is literally changing lives every day, and we are grateful for it.

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