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LaunchCode is the only tech training and job placement program solely focused on teaching you real-world skills and helping you land a new job in technology. For zero dollars. Guaranteed.

Our Courses Lead to New Careers

We teach skills that employers want. All LaunchCode education programs are geared toward providing practical, real-world skills to help you start a successful new career in technology through our apprenticeship program.

At LaunchCode, we know that while talent is widely distributed among the population, opportunity is not. We aim to change that by making quality tech education based on job market needs free and accessible. Learning skills that lead to an in-demand job in technology shouldn’t demand years of your life, piles of money up front, or part of your paycheck down the road — it should be available to all those who have the passion, drive, and aptitude to build the skills and land the job, regardless of one’s background. We offer part- and full-time courses to take you from zero experience to ready for your first job in tech in months, not years.

3,100+ careers launched

We’ve launched over 3,100 individuals into tech careers

9,500+ students educated

Over 9,500 individuals have received free tech education

Learning Paths

Curious how our learners become job-ready? Most follow these steps to go from beginner to apprentice.

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Find a Course

We have a variety of courses in skills local employers are looking for


Apply for a Seat

Choose and apply to the course that works for you


Learn Tech Skills

In-demand curriculum with hands on learning


Learn Job Skills

Resume reviews and practice interviews for your first job in tech


Apprentice Program

Get paid while learning on-the-job skills

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How our Courses Remain Free

LaunchCode is a nonprofit on a mission to create new pathways to careers in technology. By shifting the burden of training costs away from the learner and to the employer, everyone benefits.

The cost of a college education remains stubbornly high, running between $37,600 – $150,400 on average in the U.S. Even less expensive bootcamps carry a heavy price tag, on average over $14,000 and often even claim part of your future salary. These models place an undue burden on individuals unable to pay high fees, preventing equity in education and tech jobs alike. LaunchCode will never charge to take our courses or get a job through our apprenticeship program. Ever.

Most education institutions and businesses make a profit whether you walk away with a good education and job prospects or not. LaunchCode only earns revenue from an employer if we've trained and prepared you well enough that you land an apprenticeship or job through our program. And employers only want to keep hiring from us as long as they're so pleased with our apprentices that they convert them to permanent employees at the end. If we fail to get you through these challenging courses and into an apprenticeship, you still don't owe us anything, and we don't earn anything.

LaunchCode's unique model relies on three sources: donations from community members, public and private grants to support education and job preparedness, and the revenue we earn from employers after paying wages and benefits to our apprentices. Because we're a nonprofit organization, all the money goes to support the next cohort of classes and apprenticeship jobs, and the cycle sustains itself.

"The apprenticeship model helps pay for the cost of a student’s courses, making LaunchCode free—an important factor to increase student diversity. [...] This gives students the opportunity to work during the day, which can be especially important for students supporting themselves and their families."
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“To go to LaunchCode and get a free education… it’s a great opportunity, unlike anything else around here. It’s people of all ages, too. It’s not all right out of college people. It is also older people that are wanting to make that career change. It’s just about investing in the tech world. What LaunchCode is doing is so profound… of course we want to be involved in that!”
- Julie Olivarri
Director, Employee Experience and Community Engagement

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