Free, self-paced online learning program for beginners to learn some of the fundamental skills and building blocks of computer programming.

Discover Your Potential

Explore a new career. Gain digital tech skills. Find pathways to success. Now free, right in your community.

LaunchCode’s Discovery program is designed to introduce you to computer programming, and help you develop the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a career in the tech industry.

This program is created for beginners. Students may find parts challenging, but the goal is to understand the fundamentals and the basic skills needed to pursue a career path in tech.

How It Works

Our self-paced online curriculum is designed to be completed in small steps over the course of 1-2 months.

Step 1: Register below.
Step 2: Work through the curriculum modules at your own pace.
Step 3: Once you have completed the test, continue your learning journey through online networks and community engagement!

Topics Covered

Module icon artboard 1.2 What is Coding?
Module icon artboard 2.4 Effective Study Practices
Module icon artboard 1.1 Computer Fundamentals
Module icon artboard 3.3 Coding Basics
Module icon artboard 5.1 Problem Solving and Essential Math
Module icon artboard 6.2 Next Steps


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