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LaunchCode’s Discovery program is designed to introduce you to computer programming, and help you develop the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a career in the tech industry.

How It Works

Our self-paced online curriculum is designed to be completed in small steps over the course of 1-2 months.

Step 1: Register below.
Step 2: Work through the curriculum modules at your own pace at any St. Louis Public Library location or online.
Step 3: Access mentorship & community support networks through weekly meetups held at select St. Louis Public Library locations.

Topics Covered

Module icon artboard 1.2 What is Coding?
Module icon artboard 2.4 Effective Study Practices
Module icon artboard 1.1 Computer Fundamentals
Module icon artboard 3.3 Coding Basics
Module icon artboard 5.1 Problem Solving and Essential Math
Module icon artboard 6.2 Next Steps

Pilot Program

Official Curriculum Launch: March 26th on all St. Louis Public Library computers, and on LaunchCode’s website.
Information Session: Wednesday April 4th at 6 pm, there will be an Information Session in the auditorium of the Central Library.
Meetups: Central Library: Wednesday evenings 6-8:30 pm starting April 4th, 2018; ends June 6, 2018
Julia Davis Branch: Tuesday evenings 6-8:30 pm starting April 17th, 2018; ends June 5, 2018
Students who successfully complete the Discovery pilot by June 15th will be eligible for priority application to LaunchCode’s Summer 2018 LC101 course.
Additional St. Louis area pilot program coming soon!

Technical Requirements

We recommend taking this course on an internet connected laptop or desktop computer, where all the coding practice sections and all functions work best. If using a phone or other small mobile device, please download the Stepik app from your device’s app store.

For additional questions, please email [email protected].

Volunteers Needed

We're seeking mentors who possess basic math skills or programming skills to help students work through the Discovery program. If you'd like to help enable student success as a volunteer mentor at the weekly Discovery meetups, please fill out our volunteer application form here.


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