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LaunchCode is different from traditional staffing companies and bootcamps. We provide high-quality technical education to motivated people who want to invest in themselves and succeed in a career in tech. Our team finds the best people for the job, trains them in skills employers want most, and fits them with entry-level roles at companies whose needs align with their skill sets. Our focus on real-world skills and effort helps us find diverse talent with the fresh perspectives you’re looking for.

Whether you’re hiring one full-stack developer to round out your team, bringing on a group of fresh talent with a niche skillset, or retraining your existing talent, we’ve got your back. Our locally-grown entry-level talent has grit and commitment and is ready to go to work for you.

Strategic Services to Future-Proof Your Team

What Our Hiring Partners Say

“Working with LaunchCoders…you have someone who is proven to be coachable and loves to learn. I would 100% recommend LaunchCode.”

— Marc Bernstein,

CEO & Founder

“We identified a critical business need at Mastercard and LaunchCode is helping us staff accordingly.”

— Micha Schwanitz,

Director of Program & Project Management

“[The LaunchCoders] were really focused on what they needed to do…and did a good job. We would have been struggling without this program.”

— Nick Said,

Information Technology Director

We've Built Tech Talent Solutions for Hundreds of Teams

How It Works

Need to train some new or existing talent for a specific skillset? Looking for the right new talent with a great foundation to grow your team’s talent pipeline? Whatever combination of talent and skill services you need, we’ll build a solution customized to your needs with hire-to-train or train-to-hire frameworks.


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Your situation is unique, so we listen to your needs to tailor a solution just for you.

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We find and vet the right talent or niche skills you need, or you choose from your existing staff.

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We only give you our top choices to make your selection process easy to hire the right talent for your team.

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We train your new talent in accelerated courses on the additional technologies and skills you need.


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We’re constantly training a pool of diverse, skilled individuals in the skills employers need most.

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Our diverse, locally-grown tech talent is ready and eager to join your team.

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You choose the best candidates and bring them on in an apprenticeship or direct hire.

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Through apprenticeship, we handle the payroll, insurance, and onboarding work for you until you’re ready to hire.

We craft strategic solutions for all types of tech teams, from Fortune 500 companies to small startup organizations. Let’s see what we can do for you.

Our Most Popular Skillsets

Full-Stack Web Developer

Data Analysis

Data Science



Pega Systems

Agile/Product Owner


User Experience (UX)




SQL & Databases

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