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Although most know us for our core learning and job-placement services, there are many more ways the LaunchCode community comes together to support one another and build new opportunities for everyone. Discover additional ways to get involved below.

LaunchCode is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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Our Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is a supportive community of LaunchCoders who've learned or landed a job through LaunchCode. The group Facebook page is a great place to provide encouragement, celebrate accomplishments, share life news, find tips and tricks, share meetup or workshop opportunities, and learn from others. The Alumni Association Facebook group is open to current and past students and those who have been placed into an apprenticeship or job through LaunchCode.

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LaunchCode Friends Board

LaunchCode Friends Board
The LaunchCode Friends Board is a group of like-minded, diverse community members who have one thing in common: they're passionate about opening doors to opportunity for deserving individuals in the St. Louis region. Friends Board members serve by aiding promotion, planning, and fundraising at a variety of LaunchCode events throughout the year to support LaunchCode's free education and career placement services. Each member builds leadership skills, insights and a strong network and relationships while representing LaunchCode in giving back to the community through fundraising and volunteer opportunities.

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All Abilities Learning Partnership

All Abilities Learning Partnership
People with disabilities in America are employed at half the rate of typically abled individuals. Jobs in technology can offer opportunities for in-demand careers with fewer barriers. At the same time, the tech industry needs more diverse workers to make our increasingly digital world more accessible for all. LaunchCode is partnering with Paraquad to work with students with disabilities in classes integrated with other students. Funding from the Regions Foundation provides resources for individualized support.

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LCHS Teacher Training

LCHS Classroom
We believe that everyone should have access to high‑quality tech education, regardless of where they live or go to school. Through LaunchCode's FREE LCHS Program, Missouri teachers receive training from LaunchCode to prepare them to teach to the state high school curriculum standards. They then go on to teach their new tech curriculum to students in their high school classrooms with continuing support from LaunchCode.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Staff
Are you looking for a way to give back to LaunchCode? We can't do all of this without you! There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at LaunchCode. Depending on location and time of year, we may be looking for volunteers for technical skills mentoring, professionalism coaching, mock interviews, resume reviews, special event planning and coordination, or other needs.

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