Engaging and educating self-identifying women and non-binary folks in the St. Louis tech community for free.

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What is CoderGirl?

CoderGirl is LaunchCode’s education program designed to engage and educate women in the technology community in St. Louis. Originally created as a meetup by women to lift up other women in tech, over time CoderGirl has grown into a full-fledged education job prep program, but our mission remains the same. We welcome everyone who identifies as female into our supportive learning community.

The program begins with a 24-week or 40-week specialized track designed to equip CoderGirls with technical skills and job-readiness skills, leading up to our apprenticeship job program. CoderGirl provides a space for women of all skill levels to learn to code in a supportive community of like-minded individuals. With professional mentors from companies who’ve hired CoderGirl grads like Asynchrony and World Wide Technology, you’ll get the training and support you need to launch a successful career in technology.

What do I need to take this class?

Students will attend 3-hour classes on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm and are expected to spend at least 15 hours each week outside of class on readings, watching videos, working on practice problems, and completing assignments.

Students must have a laptop with administrator privileges for participation. Windows 10 for PC or OS 10.13.2 or newer for Mac required. Please apply all system upgrades before coming to class. Some CoderGirl learning tracks have additional system requirements: C#/.NET requires student laptops to be less than four years old, have a minimum 4GB RAM, and i5 or i7 processor. SQL Server & Databases requires student laptops to be less than four years old, have a minimum 4GB RAM, and 75GB or more of free storage space available.


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More Information

CoderGirl is broken into multiple learning tracks by area of focus and applicants may enroll in one track. Due to limited seats within each track, each applicant is asked to choose their top three preferred learning tracks, and every effort is made to accommodate top choices. Learning tracks include:

Front-End Web Development
SQL Server & Databases
Data Analysis
User Experience (UX)
Data Science *

Click here for more information on each learning path.

* Requires additional HackerRank coding test for entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to spend on the class?

Over the 24 - 45 weeks of class, students should expect to commit at least 15 hours per week for class and homework.

Do I need to own a laptop to participate in the class? If so, what are the specifications?

Students will need access to a laptop to participate in the course. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide students with laptops at this time. Chromebooks and tablets will not be sufficient for use in this course. If you own a PC, you must have Windows 8 OS or more recent, though Windows 10 is strongly preferable. If you own a Mac, the most recent Mac OS is strongly preferred. Laptops used for virtual courses also need to meet Zoom’s system requirements. You may check Zoom’s system requirements here. Pay particular attention to the System Requirements and Supported Operating Systems sections. If enrolled, please apply all system upgrades before coming to class.

How are applicants selected for the course?

When assessing applicants for our learning programs, a number of factors are considered, including passion, drive, application questions, essay questions, aptitude for problem solving, interest in landing a job in tech, applicant need, and spaces available in the class.

When enrolling students, we also strive to assemble a class that reflects the broader community and represents a diverse array of backgrounds.

Can I be admitted to the class if I don't do well on the Problem Solving Assessment?

Yes, though it is less likely. The Problem Solving Assessment is important because it shows us how applicants approach puzzles that require logical thinking, which directly relates to a student’s ability to master the material presented in the class.

Can I retake the Problem Solving Assessment?

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow applicants to retake the Assessment unless they can demonstrate that they experienced technical difficulties that prohibited them from completing it.

I didn’t receive an email with the Assessment. Now what?

You can always view your current status by logging into your LaunchCode account, and viewing “Classes”. There, you will be able to access the Assessment as long as you have correctly submitted the application.

When will I hear back about my application?

Each class has a decision date, by which you will receive notification of your application status. Please do not inquire about your application status unless you have not heard back after that date.

I was unable to submit my pre-work by the deadline. Can I submit my pre-work late?

No. Unfortunately, we finalize all of our course enrollment before the pre-work due date, so you are not able to submit your pre-work late. We give students 2 weeks to complete the pre-work to allow ample time to work around any other time commitments. We highly encourage you to submit the pre-work a few days before the due date to ensure that no technical difficulties or personal events get in the way.

I will have to miss several classes throughout the course. Is that ok?

Yes, it is okay to miss a class as long as you keep up with the lessons and homework detailed in the schedule. Remember, you will need to make up any class time you miss on your own time, and you won’t have the benefit of having your classmates and Teaching Fellows to answer your questions in person. Once you fall behind in class, the fast pace of the curriculum means it quickly becomes very difficult to catch up again.

Are there grades in this class? How do I pass / fail?

The class is broken up into units. There are no grades in the class, but students must complete all of the required assignments from the current unit in order to continue to the next. Those deadlines will be made clear at the beginning of the class.

If I don’t get accepted, what are my options? When is the next class scheduled?

We will be announcing our next class soon. If you’d like to make sure you receive an email as soon as applications open, please fill out the interest form found under the registration for your city.

Why is this program for women?

There’s a gender imbalance in the tech workforce. Although women comprise more than half of the overall professional workforce, the percentage of female employment in computing has consistently hovered at about 25 percent since 2007. Women of color represent an even lower percentage of the tech workforce. A program built for people of marginalized gender identities allows us to contribute to developing the widest pool of candidates possible. We feel strongly about creating a supportive environment for women, non-binary people, and people of marginalized genders to learn tech skills and enter the tech workforce.


Lincolnwisely round

Once you have a job in tech, you still have to keep learning and you need a community like CoderGirl to continue to develop your skills. It's so powerful to be surrounded by strong, passionate women.
Lincoln Wisely
Web Developer at Manifest Digital & CoderGirl Mentor

Candis round

I'm learning web design and I'm doing this so I can grow my video production business. If I have a client that needs a website, I want to be able to do that. I like CoderGirl because there are so many people here to help.
Candace Johnson
Founder and CEO of Candor Films and CoderGirl Participant

Rachel round

I really enjoyed the low pressure environment when I was learning to code. I was able to meet professionals that helped me learn more about the field. Now that I'm a full-time developer, I like coming to CoderGirl to help more women do what I did!
Rachel Noccioli
Web Developer at Oasis Digital Solutions Inc. & CoderGirl Mentor