Engaging and educating self-identifying women and non-binary folks in the St. Louis tech community for free.

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What is CoderGirl?

CoderGirl is LaunchCode’s education program designed to engage and educate women in the technology community in St. Louis. Originally created as a meetup by women to lift up other women in tech, over time CoderGirl has grown into a full-fledged education job prep program, but our mission remains the same. We welcome everyone who identifies as female into our supportive learning community.

The program begins with a 24-week or 40-week specialized track designed to equip CoderGirls with technical skills and job-readiness skills, leading up to our apprenticeship job program. CoderGirl provides a space for women of all skill levels to learn to code in a supportive community of like-minded individuals. With professional mentors from companies who’ve hired CoderGirl grads like Asynchrony and World Wide Technology, you’ll get the training and support you need to launch a successful career in technology.

What do I need to take this class?

Students will attend 3-hour classes on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm and are expected to spend at least 15 hours each week outside of class on readings, watching videos, working on practice problems, and completing assignments.

Students must have a laptop with administrator privileges for participation. Windows 10 for PC or OS 10.13.2 or newer for Mac required. Please apply all system upgrades before coming to class. Some CoderGirl learning tracks have additional system requirements: C#/.NET requires student laptops to be less than four years old, have a minimum 4GB RAM, and i5 or i7 processor. SQL Server & Databases requires student laptops to be less than four years old, have a minimum 4GB RAM, and 75GB or more of free storage space available.


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More Information

CoderGirl is broken into multiple learning tracks by area of focus and applicants may enroll in one track. Due to limited seats within each track, each applicant is asked to choose their top three preferred learning tracks, and every effort is made to accommodate top choices. Learning tracks include:

Front-End Web Development
SQL Server & Databases
Data Analysis
User Experience (UX)
Data Science *

Click here for more information on each learning path.

* Requires additional HackerRank coding test for entry.


Lincolnwisely round

Once you have a job in tech, you still have to keep learning and you need a community like CoderGirl to continue to develop your skills. It's so powerful to be surrounded by strong, passionate women.
Lincoln Wisely
Web Developer at Manifest Digital & CoderGirl Mentor

Candis round

I'm learning web design and I'm doing this so I can grow my video production business. If I have a client that needs a website, I want to be able to do that. I like CoderGirl because there are so many people here to help.
Candace Johnson
Founder and CEO of Candor Films and CoderGirl Participant

Rachel round

I really enjoyed the low pressure environment when I was learning to code. I was able to meet professionals that helped me learn more about the field. Now that I'm a full-time developer, I like coming to CoderGirl to help more women do what I did!
Rachel Noccioli
Web Developer at Oasis Digital Solutions Inc. & CoderGirl Mentor