Immersive CodeCamp

Our condensed full-time deep dive into in-demand technologies and skills.

Learn to Code

Sometimes the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it - the same goes for programming languages. Our Immersive CodeCamp is a 14-week, full-time course taking a deep dive into in-demand technologies and skills. Thanks to the smaller class size, each student will have access to more personal, hands-on mentorship and individualized support from our instructors. When you emerge at the end, you are ready to start your new career in tech with LaunchCode's apprenticeship program.

Our curriculum is designed to teach the most in-demand skills asked for by our employer partners. Graduates are eligible for LaunchCode's apprenticeship program, gaining access to additional mentorship and job placement.

What's the catch?

This program is intensive and challenging and requires hard work. That's why we have a team of instructors available to guide you and provide individual support to get you through.

Career Support

This Immersive CodeCamp is designed to prepare you for LaunchCode's apprenticeship program. At the end, you'll meet with our Candidate Team who will give you personalized feedback and learn more about you. Our team will help you prepare for one of the many apprenticeship opportunities available with our employer partners based on tech skills, soft skills and overall fit.

What is an apprenticeship?

A LaunchCode apprenticeship is a full time (40 hrs/week), paid position during which you work on a team of experienced developers, and are paired with a mentor that invests in your growth, to learn on the job, and prove yourself.

More than four out of five apprentices convert to permanent employment at their company in a median of 12 weeks.

How will this program prepare me for a tech career?

In addition to gaining the technical skills you'll need to start your career, Immersive CodeCamp will include a series of career workshops designed to cover all of the additional things employers will be looking for. This includes everything from panel talks by professional developers, to technical resume reviews and mock interviews. At the end of the program, you'll also participate in a Demo Day to present your final projects to employers.


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More Information

Our goal is to teach you how to code and how to think like a computer programmer. To do this, we'll introduce you to a variety of modern programming languages, frameworks, and industry best practices.

Web Development Fundamentals

Unit 1: JavaScript - foundational programming concepts and front-end programming in JavaScript, including testing and Angular (a popular JavaScript framework)
Unit 2: Skill Track - job-ready skills to build full-stack web applications using Java (with Spring Boot) or C# (with .NET MVC)

For more information about the curriculum, check out the Course Syllabus.

Portfolio Project

Apply the skills you've gained to build a project that showcases your ability!

Day in the Life of a CodeCamper

9:00 AM - The day starts bright and early with a quick overview of the day to come.

  • Team-based projects and exercises
  • Instructor-led topic review
  • Solo work with instructors available to help
  • Career readiness workshops

5:00 PM - Time to go home and rest up for tomorrow!

This is a very competitive program, and we expect a high volume of applicants. Our application process has multiple rounds, all intended to ensure you are a good fit for the program.

Application Process:

Round 1: Application

The initial application takes 1-2 hours, and is comprised of two parts. First, a questionnaire covering basic demographics (e.g. name, address, date of birth, etc.), your previous experience, and reasons for taking the class. Second, a problem solving assessment including code challenges to assess your aptitude for programming.

Round 2: Interview

Applicants who are selected will move on to a one-hour interview, consisting of a conversation to gauge your passion and commitment to the program, and to learn more about you. These can be conducted in person or online through Google Hangouts or Skype.

Round 3: Pre-Work

If you are selected to move forward to this round, the next step is to complete some pre-work. This will show your ability to learn basic concepts on your own. Pre-work can take up to 10-12 hours to complete.

Cohort Invitation

If you are accepted into this cohort, you will receive an invitation via email.

Non-Discrimination Policy

LaunchCode does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender identification, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational or admission policies.

This class requires no prior programming experience, but you will need to be comfortable with computer use (using the internet, downloading software, etc). Immersive CodeCamp is intended to teach skills needed to be employable as a programmer, and is for individuals who are interested in a career in tech. Applicants must be 18 or older.


We have also found that students who succeed in the class have a solid foundation in basic math and problem solving. That is why we have developed a short Problem Solving Assessment as a part of the application process.

This class is graded on a pass/fail basis, with regular assignments and assessments. Enrollment for individual students is reassessed on a rolling basis, and students who have fallen several assignments behind in the course without making significant progress to catch up with the rest of the class may be unenrolled. Expectations will be clearly explained to students on the first day of class.

Yes, though it is less likely. The Problem Solving Assessment is important because it shows us how applicants approach puzzles that require logical thinking, which directly relates to a student’s ability to master the material presented in the class.

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow applicants to retake the Assessment unless they can demonstrate that they experienced technical difficulties that prohibited them from completing it.

Students must attend class regularly and promptly. Daily attendance is required, though occasional absences are allowed in extenuating circumstanes.

If you own a PC, you must have Windows 8 OS or more recent, though Windows 10 is strongly preferable. If you own a Mac, the most recent Mac OS is strongly preferred. Laptops used for virtual courses also need to meet Zoom’s system requirements. You may check Zoom’s system requirements here. Pay particular attention to the System Requirements and Supported Operating Systems sections. Chromebooks and tablets will not be sufficient for use in this course. If enrolled, please apply all system upgrades before coming to class.

All students must agree with and follow a code of conduct, committing to helping to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all LaunchCode students and staff.

When assessing applicants for our learning programs, a number of factors are considered, including passion, drive, application questions, essay questions, aptitude for problem solving, interest in landing a job in tech, applicant need, and spaces available in the class. As part of our CodeCamp application process we also conduct one-on-one interviews with eligible applicants.

When enrolling students, we also strive to assemble a class that reflects the broader community and represents a diverse array of backgrounds.

Throughout the course, students should expect to spend 40 hours a week in class. While the course is designed to be completable without work outside of class, some students may find that additional work outside of the 40-hour class week may be necessary for their success.

You can always view your current status by logging into your LaunchCode account, and viewing “Classes”. There, you will be able to access the Assessment as long as you have correctly submitted the application.

Regular class attendance is required. However, occasional absences are allowed as long as you keep up with the lessons and homework set out in the schedule. Remember, you will need to make up any class time you miss on your own time, and you won’t have the benefit of having your classmates and instructors available to answer your questions. As prior students have found, once you fall behind in class, the fast pace of the curriculum means it quickly becomes very difficult to catch up again.

You can apply for one of our other learning programs, LC101 or CoderGirl, if they are accepting applications. To be informed when the next application period opens, select your city in the registration section above, and sign up for our monthly email newsletter where course openings are announced.

Each class has a decision date, by which you will receive notification of your application status. Please do not inquire about your application status unless you have not heard back after that date.

LaunchCode’s Apprenticeship Program is only offered in select cities. Students interested in the Apprenticeship Program will need to do a separate application and go through our candidate evaluation process. In order to prepare a successful application for the apprenticeship program, students will need to put in roughly 150 additional hours of independent work on a coding project, which may take up to 8 weeks after the conclusion of the class. If our team determines you’re job-ready, our Company Relations Team will then work to match you with a company in need of talent in a paid apprenticeship or job opportunity. While LaunchCode does place hundreds of individuals into apprenticeships and jobs each year, placement is not guaranteed. We encourage our students to take initiative to pursue a career in technology on their own, as well.