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What LaunchCoders are Saying...

We’ve helped hundreds of nontraditional candidates with passion, drive, and aptitude get started on their fulfilling, upwardly-mobile tech careers. Check out some of their stories here in their own words.

Land Your Dream Career In Tech

Whether you’re self-taught, formally trained, switching careers, or a recent grad, we’re ready to help you launch your tech career through a full-time paid apprenticeship at one of our hiring partner organizations.

Connect to Employers

Candidates are carefully matched with hiring companies for compatibility in technical skills, soft skills, workplace fit, and drive.

Gain On-The-Job Experience

Continue learning and building your skillset during your paid apprenticeship with mentoring and support from the LaunchCode community.

Get Hired Full Time

More than four out of five LaunchCode apprentices are hired on as full-fledged employees at the end of their apprenticeship.

How it works

We help job seekers enter the tech field by matching driven, qualified workers from all different types of backgrounds with employers experiencing a shortage of talent.

Here's how it works:

1. Start Your Application

Tell us your story and show us your tech skills through a brief online application (20-30 min) and coding puzzles (30-60 min). Get Started!

2. Coding Puzzle

Allow yourself at least 1 hour to complete your HackerRank test. Your test scores are a big portion of your application process.

3. Tech Interview

Tell us more about your learning journey, and show us a project that displays your tech skills. We then work with you on your evaluation.

4. Connect To Employers

Grow your programming skills, while our placement team starts connecting you to interviews for tech apprenticeships with employers.

5. Start Your Apprenticeship

Get paid to work on a team of experienced software developers, get paired with a mentor that invests in your growth, learn on the job, and prove yourself.

6. Get Hired Full Time

Dependent on your employer evaluation of your apprenticeship, you may receive a potential job offer once your contract is up.

Meet LaunchCode Alum Shawn

"I've been in the military, at a university, in the workforce, and never really found my niche... Then I ran into LaunchCode and actually found a career that I enjoy, get to continuously learn and be interested in the job."

—Shawn, LaunchCode Alum, Instructor, and Developer at Tighten Co.

Why We Do It

We create career pathways for people who want to work in tech, regardless of their backgrounds — for free. We know talent exists evenly across society, but the opportunity to start an upwardly mobile career in the technology industry does not. LaunchCode apprenticeships open doors and help level the playing field. We exist because we believe if you have the skills to do the job, work hard, and keep learning, that you should get the job. If you want to learn tech skills to start your journey, head on over to see which course is right for you. Already have the skills? Get started below to apply for a paid apprenticeship.

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