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Many aspiring coders lack the experience necessary to land a job. LaunchCode fills that gap by pairing new coders with experienced pros.


Companies with open jobs agree to place a new coder with one of their experienced developers. This new “pair” works together until the newbie is up to speed and receives a full-time job.


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What is "pair programming"?

In pair programming, two developers work at one computer and talk through their work while one of them types at the keyboard. This process allows the developers to share skills and quickly learn from each other.

The Benefits of Pair Programming and Development Internships - Steve Persch

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LaunchCode In Action


See how pair programming through LaunchCode is going for the team at Efeqdev Design and Web Development with their first hire and LaunchCode placement, Chris Zempel:

Week 1

Candidate Perspective - From Nil To Placement

Company Perspective - More Than Just Programming

Week 2

Candidate Perspective - Test Your Might: How I'm Getting Up To Speed

Company Perspective - Incrementally Learning

Week 3

Candidate Perspective - Working at Efeqdev

Company Perspective - Where's The Meat?

Week 4

Candidate Perspective - The Deceptively Obvious way to Think Like a Developer

Company Perspective - Getting an appreciation for Ruby and Rails

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