Impact Report

Learn to code. Get a job. Hire talent.

What did we do this year?

At LaunchCode, we know that while talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. Our mission is to build a skilled workforce by creating pathways for driven people seeking careers in technology. We spent all year (and every year) working on expanded education and employment programs that help level the playing field, not just to expand access, but to create equitable access.

These careers and the work they produce will shape the world we live in tomorrow, and that means it’s crucial that we open them up to all types of people from backgrounds different than our own, and experiences wider than the ones we’ve had. This year we made progress toward those goals, and we’re not planning on stopping!

Each quarter in 2018 set a new record for the most apprentices and new hires placed in that timeframe previously, adding up to 344, a NEW RECORD NUMBER OF JOBS!

Whew! That's a lot!

And it’s not even close to everything. We also built out our LiftOff job-readiness program to help bridge the gap between graduation and employment with things like resume reviews, mock interviews, live coding practice,and portfolio help. Our tech team has been working to streamline and optimize the back-end processes for our students, candidates, and employers, updating 302,495 lines of code this year. We tried new things in new places, holding our first class in North St. Louis County, beginning classes near bases for current and veteran military members and their families, and teaching in new locations like D.C. and Minneapolis. We’re finding new ways to bring introductory education to even more people, partnering with local libraries and charities to bring pre-coding fundamentals to the public, even working with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Educationon plans to introduce students to a wide variety of STEM careers and technology through standardized curriculum.

Overall, LaunchCode thrived in 2018 by delving deeper into the needs of employers, job-seekers, and communities and developed new and innovative means of filling those needs. This is vital work of which we should all be proud!

We were honored to win another Arcus Award this year for Achievement in Inclusion and Talent Attraction!