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The TechHire initiative is a multi-sector effort and call to action to give Americans pathways to well-paying technology jobs. Working with educators, employers, local government, and community organizations, the initiative aims to create accessible on-roads to training and job-placement in the high-growth technology sector.

The city of Seattle is excited to join 50 cities across America working to build stronger communities through tech. Explore this site to learn more about the organizations involved and opportunities available.

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Community and Education Partners

Ada Developers Acadamy

Ada Developers Academy is a training program located in Seattle, Washington for women who want to become software developers.

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Seattle Central College

Seattle Central College offers a comprehensive range of educational programs and opportunities in academic transfer, career preparation, basic studies, and continuing education in an urban environment

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Floodgate Acadamey

Floodgate Academy solves the lack of diversity in the technology industry by creating a pipeline of technically proficient developer operations engineers from underrepresented communities.

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Unloop enables people who have been in prison to succeed in careers in tech through education, experience, mentorship, and support.

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Success Stories


LaShana had the skills, ambition, and drive to succeed as a software engineer, but without a college degree, she couldn’t get her foot in the door to prove herself. While working as a bus driver she honed her skills through CoderGirl, and landed a job as a systems engineer at MasterCard.



Padmini received a degree in technology in her native country India, but as a new mother she didn't have a chance to practice her skills, so finding a technology job in the US proved challenging. Through LaunchCode's CoderGirl meetup, she sharpened her skills, and landed an apprenticeship at MasterCard where she is now a full time software developer.

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